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A Waldorf Local Associate Celebrates 30 years with Food Lion Grocery Retailer

We had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Sharon Lasure, the Regional Price Coordinator for Food Lion, who shares her journey from starting as a part-time cashier in 1994 to her current role. She expresses her love for being in the store, interacting with customers, and the sense of community she’s found. Sharon […]

Haitian Families Cling to Hope In the Midst of Humanitarian Crisis

Mission of Hope provides 125,000 meals each day in Haiti.

At first glance, Vladinio Paul is a playful 11-year-old boy full of laughter and curiosity. However, Vladinio has nightmares about Haiti at night. Vladinio, a Haitian immigrant, came to Germantown, Md., on a visa a year ago and never returned.   “Until Haiti gets better, I want to stay here,” said the fifth-grader who was […]

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for BLK Lit Candle Bar

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for BLK Lit Candle Bar

February 12, 2024 In a bustling corner of the city, nestled among vibrant shops and cafes, lies a haven for those seeking solace and inspiration. Blk & Lit Candle Bar, a woman and minority-owned business, stands out as a beacon of light in the community, offering a unique blend of self-care and creativity. Founded on […]

Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening

Shelby's Grand Opening

At the recent Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening celebration event, Delegate Kevin M. Harris opened the floor at Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening Celebration, welcoming attendees with enthusiasm. Looking Ahead “We’re excited to be here for this momentous occasion,” he exclaimed. “And we’re especially thrilled that Angela Alsobrooks has joined us today to […]

Embracing Local Flavors at the 2023 Bounty of the County, Take II: Farm & River to Table

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The quaint riverside town of Charles County, MD, once again played host to a celebration of community, culinary expertise, and the abundance of local harvests at the highly anticipated 2023 Bounty of the County, Take II. Nestled along the serene banks of the Potomac River, this event brought together the region’s most talented chefs, farmers, […]

Charles County Charter Board Proposes Transition to Charter Form of Government

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August 28, 2023 – Charles County District 4, hosted a town hall led by Commissioner Ralph Paterson on a Charter form of government for Charles County. A significant move that could reshape the future of local governance, the Charles County Charter Board has announced plans to draft a Charter that will potentially change the current […]