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BYB Fitness, Founded by Syncer and Robbi, Continues Healthy Eating Campaign with Free Meal Fridays

Brandywine, Maryland – September 10, 2023

In a remarkable show of community support, BYB Fitness, a fitness center located in Brandywine, Maryland, is making waves with its innovative approach to promoting healthy eating. Co-founded by Syncer and Robbi, BYB Fitness is partnering with WHUR 96.3 to give out “Free Meal Fridays,” a campaign aimed at encouraging residents to make healthier food choices, particularly in contrast to the limited options often found in southern Maryland.

On September 8, 2023, a diverse crowd gathered in front of the BYB Fitness building, marking another successful installment of giving out Free Meals, (AKA) “Free Meal Fridays.” The event has gained popularity throughout the summer, drawing attention to the importance of nutritious meals as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Syncer and Robbi, the dynamic duo behind BYB Fitness, have long been advocates for fitness and well-being in their community. Their vision goes beyond traditional gym routines, focusing on holistic health, which includes diet and nutrition. “Free Meal Fridays” epitomizes this commitment by providing free, balanced, and delicious meals to those in attendance.

“Southern Maryland often faces a shortage of healthy food options, especially for those on a budget. We want to change that narrative,” said Syncer, co-founder of BYB Fitness. “Our partnership with WHUR 96.3 has allowed us to reach a wider audience and spread the message that healthy eating and lifestyle can be accessible and enjoyable.”

The partnership with WHUR 96.3, a prominent local radio station, has been instrumental in the success of this initiative. With their support, “Free Meal Fridays” has gained significant traction, attracting not only fitness enthusiasts but also families and individuals looking to make healthier choices.

Robbi, co-founder of BYB Fitness, emphasized the broader impact of “Free Meal Fridays.” “This isn’t just about one meal; it’s about fostering a lasting change in our community’s eating habits. We want everyone to know that eating well doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to live a fit and healthy life.”

As the summer comes to a close, BYB Fitness and WHUR 96.3 plan to continue their collaboration, with “Free Meal Fridays” becoming a staple of Brandywine’s healthy living movement. With Syncer and Robbi at the helm, the community can look forward to more initiatives that promote fitness, well-being, and accessible nutrition.

BYB Fitness is not just a gym; it’s a beacon of positive change in Brandywine, Maryland, showing that a commitment to health and wellness can extend far beyond the weights and treadmills.

For more information about BYB Fitness and their initiatives, visit BYBFitness.com.