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Shelby's Grand Opening

Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening

At the recent Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening celebration event, Delegate Kevin M. Harris opened the floor at Selby’s Grab and Go Grand Opening Celebration, welcoming attendees with enthusiasm.

Looking Ahead

“We’re excited to be here for this momentous occasion,” he exclaimed. “And we’re especially thrilled that Angela Alsobrooks has joined us today to share her vision for the future as she runs for the US Senate. Leadership truly matters, especially during challenging times.”

Harris urged the audience to spread the word about Alsobrooks’ candidacy, emphasizing the importance of her leadership in both good and bad times. He then introduced Senator Michael, highlighting his longstanding commitment to mentoring and leadership. Senator Michael expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, noting the significance of support from Charles County and its subdivisions.

Amanda Stuart, a member of the Charles County Commissioners, took the stage next, praising Alsobrooks’ experience and dedication to economic development, healthcare, and education. She emphasized the importance of electing leaders who understand these crucial issues.

Ralph Patterson, Commissioner Vice President, also expressed his appreciation for Alsobrooks’ dedication to the community, noting her efforts in Prince George’s County. He pledged his support and thanked her for recognizing the importance of smaller communities like Charles County.

Commissioner President Reuben Collins set the tone for the gathering, emphasizing the mission to support Angela Alsobrooks as the next United States Senator for Maryland. He called for a groundswell of support, starting with organizing in every community in Charles County.

Collins praised Alsobrooks as a visionary leader, highlighting her regional understanding and positive approach to challenges, such as when Charles County surpassed Prince George’s County in affluence among African Americans. He noted her dedication to transportation issues and providing opportunities for all citizens.

Chef Kendall Selby, a respected figure in Charles County, expressed his gratitude for the community’s support and pledged to promote Alsobrooks’ candidacy through his business. He emphasized the importance of voting and spreading the message to others.

Alsobrooks took the stage, thanking everyone for their support and acknowledging the hard work of her team and supporters. She expressed excitement about the upcoming legislative session and her commitment to bringing positive change to Maryland. Alsobrooks highlighted Maryland’s progressive policies and the importance of civic engagement in shaping the future of the state and the country.

Overall, the event showcased strong support for Alsobrooks’ candidacy, emphasizing her leadership qualities, vision for Maryland, and dedication to the community.