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Things to Know Before You Move to Waldorf, Maryland

Are you planning to relocate to Waldorf, Maryland? Located close to DC, Waldorf is a thriving community that is an excellent place to stay for individuals and families alike. But before you contact a realtor, how about a few tantalizing tidbits about your new home?

Here are the top things you need to know about Waldorf, Maryland –

  • It’s home to a historic landmark of the United States

St. Catharine, also known as Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House, is an iconic landmark that is known for its politically charged past. In 1865, Dr. Mudd treated an injured and tired John Wilkes Booth, the stage actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

The farmhouse is today protected under the National Register of Historical Places list. Visitors can take a tour of the house, which also doubles as a museum.

  • Waldorf has many opportunities for those in healthcare, sales, and construction

While a large part of Waldorf does commute to DC for their jobs, there are plenty of job openings within Waldorf too. In particular, if you are qualified to take up jobs in healthcare, sales, or construction, you can get a job that could very well be a walkable commute from your new home in Waldorf.

  • The community has numerous Farmer’s Markets

Love to shop? Specifically interested in local and organic items? If yes, you’ll adore your new town. Waldorf hosts Farmer’s Markets with regularity, and each market has something unique and exciting to offer.

In particular, you’ll find that many of these markets are themed. For example, there’s an Amish Farmer’s Market that sells exclusively Amish produce and items. From dried herbs to cupcakes to meat, there’s definitely something for everyone at Waldorf, Maryland.

  • Waldorf, and by extension St Charles County, is very minority owned business friendly

Do you have your own business that you’d like to set up and advertise in one of the Farmer’s Markets we were talking about? Well, guess what? Waldorf and the entire St Charles County is one of the best places to do so. In fact, the entire region has a very small business supportive environment. 

The regulators are really friendly and helpful. If you are new to Waldorf, they will help you understand how the commercial regulations work and what licenses you need to start your business here. Given the friendly rules, welcoming climate, and limited market monopoly by larger companies, it is easy to start all types of business such as restaurants, hair salons, barbershops, hotels, fitness centers, and AC and heating companies here.

  • You’ll find a very global population here

As you may already know, Washington DC is one of the most diverse places in the United States – a trait that has rubbed off on Waldorf too. The town is quite diverse, with people of multiple races and ethnicities living here.

Plus, you’ll find all types of households too – from students to couples to families with children to retirees. So, once you move to Waldorf, Maryland, you can easily make friends and nurture a successful community relationship, irrespective of your family background.

  • New Homes are pretty affordable
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The great thing about Waldorf, Maryland, is that it is a middle-income community. It is relatively affordable to purchase a home in Waldorf and across St Charles County. The median home value stands at $299,300 in Waldorf. This is significantly lesser than the rest of Maryland, where the median value can go up to $332,500.

But even if you don’t want to own your new home, your rental payments won’t be a huge burden on your pocket. Median rents come up to $1,669 in this town, and that is a boon for many middle-income families.

Suffice to say that you’ve made the right choice about considering Waldorf and St Charles County as your potential new home.