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Waldorf Live The Top Restaurants In Waldorf Maryland

The Top Restaurants in Waldorf, Maryland You Need to Try

Are you new to Waldorf? If you’re a foodie, we bet you’re already looking up the best restaurants, pubs, cafes, and hotels to visit in Waldorf and the entire St Charles County region.

Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top eateries in Waldorf, where you absolutely must go to experience this town’s gastronomical magic. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Crafty Crab Waldorf

Crafty Crab Waldorf lobster plate

Maryland is renowned for its fresh and premium quality seafood. So, it’s no wonder that our first recommendation is a seafood restaurant. The Crafty Crab Waldorf serves a variety of seafood platters and standalone dishes. While this joint is new on the scene, it’s made a remarkable impression on locals and tourists alike.

2. All American Steakhouse Sports & Theatre

2. All American Steakhouse Sports & Theatre

Fancy a drink? What about a meaty dinner that’s dripping in juices and sauces? Nothing beats All American Steakhouse Sports & Theatre when it comes to the true blue American meal. This pub/restaurant has a great menu, and there’s also a place to catch the latest games on-air. Bring your friends and make a night of it here.

3. Dat Jerk Caribbean Chargrill

Dat Jerk Caribbean Chargrill -Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken

Dat Jerk a fun and inviting atmosphere in Waldorf is the first location in Maryland and is currently in its’ sixth successful year bringing the authentic taste of the caribbean to our neighborhood. Wrap it up, bowl it or toss it, Dat Jerk Creates jerk flavors that will send your taste buds buzzing. They also cater events, charm your guest with the succulent taste of Jerk Chicken.

4. Thai Palace

Thai Palace
Thai Palace

Waldorf is a racially diverse community. This is represented in its gastro scene, where there are many minority-owned businesses that deal in food. Thai Palace serves up some of the most delicious Thai dishes you’ll have ever had. From vegan to meat-based meals, you’ll find lots to tickle your tastebuds here.

5. La Sierra

La Sierra Tacos, Tamales, Burritos

Want to try something spicy and Mexican instead? La Sierra’s tacos are legendary across St Charles County. This is a hidden gem that only locals seem to know about. Apart from the tacos, the pupusas and tamales, and other dishes remind one of authentic Mexico. This place is a must-visit.

6. Panera Bread

panera Bread

Every meal must end with a dessert to complete it. That’s why we bring Panera Bread onto this list. Panera Bread is actually a café and not solely a dessert shop. From premium coffee to pan friend pizza, you’ll find a variety of food here. Plus, their cupcakes and other baked goods are delicious. Another perk that this café possesses is that it delivers across Waldorf and St Charles County. You can visit their website and even avail of the offer of the day while placing your order.

Not just a foodie paradise

Waldorf and the St Charles County area isn’t just a great place for people with great tastes. In fact, you will find multiple other businesses too here. Waldorf has many excellent fitness centers, hair salons, barbershops, clothing stores, grocers, automobile repair services, and AC and Heating specialists, to name a few.

The business owners are super friendly, the staff is helpful, and the town’s proximity to DC makes it very easy to find a few international brands in stores too. The general low cost of living in the entire St Charles County region makes buying in Waldorf an affordable experience.

We’re sure you will love your new life here in Waldorf, Maryland, and you’ll enjoy the amazing food and other awesome experiences the town has to offer.