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The Charles County Chamber of Commerce Bounty of the County Event

Purchase your tickets today: Join the Charles County Chamber of Commerce for this Special Event!

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, the Charles County Chamber of Commerce will present its 3rd Annual “Bounty of the County” event at The Pavilion at Weatherly in Newburg, Maryland.

This special event will include a delicious “Farm and River to Table” feast highlighting local chefs and local dining selections. We are excited to feature our local farms and local seafood purveyors for your enjoyment. There will be a variety of activities at this special event, including a silent auction.

Join us for a Sunday afternoon on the Charles County banks of the Potomac and enjoy our local farm and river bounty.

(Visit the chamber bounty of the county for detailed information on SPONSORSHIPS and TICKETS. )

In addition to the performances, there were multiple vendors present to includes horseback riding, 40+ Double Dutch Club, Food trucks, Non-profits, and Charities.For more news highlights and video interviews from the Juneteenth event, please visit our Facebook page @waldorflive and Youtube.