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Exclusive: with Danny Strong at Strong Fitness

Danny Strong is a professional bodybuilder husband and owner of STRONG FITNESS in Waldorf shares his inspiration and motivation in helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Danny’s structured programs can accommodate you. The way it’s structured, it does not matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, the program will be able to suit you individually.

We ask Danny, how did you get started?

Danny… Born in Washington DC just shortly after my family move to Waldorf Maryland we’ve been here ever since. I attended Thomas Stone High School and played football and that was really the start of what got me interested in fitness we started training in the weight room as football players and I just fell in love with the way my body change the Metamorphoses that I saw that really gravitated me to Fitness and just particularly building muscle and bodybuilding.

So, I started as a young person going to the gym to keep myself in shape, I started participating in bodybuilding competitions at a young age, my first competition was at the age of 18, and then I just continued after that I became a personal trainer, worked in some local gyms, managed, the general manager of another fitness facility in Fort Washington Maryland and then from there, I started a strong Fitness.

Danny Strong

Shortly after the launch of STRONG FITNESS, Danny had a tragic accident that caused him to lose his leg.

Danny Strong

Danny… I really did not know how things were going to do for the rest of my life in terms of being in the fitness industry. But, through the grace of God, family, friends, and really perseverance and determination. I continue them with fitness, I actually became a professional bodybuilder at that point after the amputation and by having that injury it really broadened my training skills and I was able to help people I feel on a much larger scale and actually more in-depth like understanding people and where they’re coming from in terms of their various injuries or disabilities that may have slowed them down in terms of attaining their fitness goals.

I was able to understand that and work with people and a much greater depth after my own injury. Giving back to the community has always been important to me and particularly Waldorf, I grew up here went to school here at watch Waldorf grow tremendously over the years.

What are his popular programs at Strong Fitness for men and women?

Danny… Here at Strong Fitness, we have the boot camp for men and women. The boot camp is really popular I have a lot of men and women in the boot camp but I would say if you’re trying to trim down if you’re trying to condition yourself if you’re trying to lose some body fat that is definitely a class that would benefit you.

For the guys out there, I have something called muscle camp, and let’s say if you’re trying to build your arms up, you know if you’re trying to tighten up, if you trying to look more muscular for the beach, that’s something that you should look into, and personal training as well. If you want to have more a one-on-one training or personal training services are there and they are exclusive one-on-one and I can definitely help you achieve your goals.

Do you actively compete as a bodybuilder?

Yes! I am an active bodybuilder a matter of fact the last bodybuilding competition I was in with the last November 2021, which inspired me as a bodybuilder to start the muscle cramp. I’m a Believer in practicing what you preach and I’m a Believer that consistency is the key to your success in your progress. So that’s what I teach in the muscle camp is really focused on a person who would want to pursue either becoming a bodybuilder or maybe working out in that way of gaining much more muscle and much more strength. So, if that is something you have aspired to do want to build muscle build more strength, or have physic like a bodybuilder, this will be a great program for you, and I accept men and women in this program.  Let’s get stronger!

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