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Renee Smith at Bayou Girl Drink Factory

Exclusive Interview with Bayou Girl Drink Factory Southern Maryland Daiquiri Shop

We had a chance to interview Renee Smith, the owner of the Southern Maryland daiquiri shop, Bayou Girl Drink Factory. We got to learn how the idea came about and her love for the brand. Located in La Plata, MD, this daiquiri shop is a gem that introduces the taste of Louisiana to Southern Maryland. Some of the tastiest frozen drinks in town are served at Bayou Girl Drink Factory.

We asked Renee Smith to tell us a little about her background!

I am Renee. I’m originally born and raised in Louisiana a small town right outside of New Orleans by 50 miles call Franklin. I move to this area Waldorf about 8 years ago I just love the area. It reminds me of home it’s a nice small-town country feel and because of that I love the people and I just love what it stands for overall. 

How long have you lived here in Southern Maryland?

I have been in this area for 8 years. I was going home about four to five times a year just to fly home to get a daiquiri. Because growing up in Louisiana there are daiquiri shops all over, I mean every block has a daiquiri shop and I just love to feel, I love the taste, I love everything. So, that’s what made me decide to open up a daiquiri shop here in the Waldorf area.

How did you get into this industry?

Because I didn’t find that and I needed that sense of home because I love that area and I wanted to have that same since I’m sense of home and comfort. So I said there are no daiquiri shops in my area and so I decided to do my research and do my homework. So, I decided to get my bartending license from the bartending school of Arlington and I just started doing private parties just to see what people liked their taste and their flavor. So I can have that style and bring my Louisiana comfort and that atmosphere here in the Waldorf area. 

Why Southern Maryland, compared to DC or VA?

Cuz I love that area and I wanted you guys to experience that. I got started cuz I love the taste of daiquiri. I grew up around Louisiana I grew up with the taste of Daiquiris. I love everything about it. The name came from my grandfather, he used to take me fishing all the time when I was younger on the Bayou and used to say come on girl we going to the Bayou. So that’s where the name Bayou Girl Drink Factory came from, and guys can come girls can come it’s just the name that represents who I am and where I originally came from so that’s where Bayou Girl Drink Factory comes from. 

What can people expect when they come here to Bayou Girl Drink Factory?

So everybody could come here, male-female anyone you’re welcome into the Bayou girl drink Factory, and my customers, I have a diverse group of customers that come in from the ages of 21 all the way to 55 and their flavors are hurricane, The Big Easy, and Georgia Peach, just to name a few but we have a variety of drinks that you could choose from. 

What other things happen here that the community can experience?

We have some awesome things we do here at Bayou Girl Drink Factory: Wednesday nights we have karaoke night is really awesome you got to come out and check us out, Thursdays, it’s game night, and we have a ton of games we start with Django we have Connect 4, Scrabble, and guys play UNO, just come out. We have the NFL ticket on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights. You could come out we got the football games going on the TV we have five big screens. 

Why is this important to the community?

It’s so important because you could come here and get that Louisiana experience without going to Louisiana you could come you can have a daiquiri, can watch TV, can unwind can have conversations like you’re at home and you can stay right within a couple of minutes from your home instead of traveling outside of the county. Stay connected with the Bayou Girl Drink Factory on Facebook or Instagram. Website coming soon!

228 Rosewick Rd La Plata, MD 20646 (757) 617-4641

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