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Charles County Business Growth Advantage Program Cohort 4 Exclusive Interviews

When your business is ready for growth, BGAP gives business owners the tools and strategies to achieve business goals. BGAP training was developed by the Charles County Economic Development Department to meet the needs of growing businesses in Charles County, Maryland, and to address business impacts due to COVID. Linking the latest ideas with timeless business principles, BGAP will show you how to boost your business to the next level.  The program is offered at no cost to participants!

BGAP is designed for owners/leaders of businesses

BGAP is an eight-week program with online sessions held one evening per week.  Each class will have up to 15 participants.  The group is kept small to allow for maximum participation.  The business owner must apply to the program and be accepted to participate. Preferred candidates are business owners who have a track record. 

Visit Meet Charles County to learn more about the course curriculum.

BGAP training will teach you how to manage your business like an experienced CEO.

  • Develop a strategic business growth plan with a long-term vision and strategies
  • Grasp of key business operating concepts
  • Hands-on, collaborative program promotes sharing of best practices
  • Hear from expert speakers who will share insights on the topic of the day.
  • Learn skills that can be applied immediately in your business operation.
  • Get a step-by-step evaluation of your business operation and markets.
  • Acquire tools to build your business, both now and for the future.

Whether you have been in business for ten years or two years, BGAP can align your vision for your business with the steps to get you there. Establish a framework to improve the performance of your business and shape the success of your business for the future.

Source: Charles County Economic Development Department

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