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Waldorf the Best Places to Relocate

Why Waldorf, Maryland is One of the Best Places to Relocate?

Have you recently immigrated to the United States and are considering where in St Charles County, Maryland, you can put down your roots? Or maybe you’re about to relocate to the United States from your home country, and you’re looking up what living in Maryland may feel like as an immigrant and perhaps, a person of color?

If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place—both in terms of this post and Maryland. The truth is, Maryland is the most diverse state on the East Coast today. In fact, it ranks highest in terms of its ethnic diversity across the United States.

Here, we give you a few reasons why you should definitely relocate to Maryland – specifically Waldorf in St Charles County – if you are an immigrant.

1. You’ll find a very diverse and kind community to welcome you

A little more than 60% of Waldorf’s population constitutes people of African descent. You’ll also find a thriving community of Asians, indigenous communities, and Pacific islanders here. In terms of immigrants, since over 20% of Maryland’s employed population comprises non-US residents, you’ll find plenty of immigrants here. So, if you are new to Waldorf, you will find a diverse and inclusive community that is happy to welcome you home. You’ll find plenty of groups who can help you ease the culture shock and settle into the Waldorf lifestyle.

2. The rent and buying prices of homes are very affordable

Waldorf and St Charles County as a whole is much less expensive than the rest of the United States. The median rent is around $1,669, and the purchase price of homes here is around $299,300 on average. So, if you’re bringing your family, you can plan to save enough to rent/own a home in the US easily. Plus, the low rent won’t add to your already burgeoning immigration expenses.

3. It’s a short driving distance from DC

Need we say more? DC has so much to offer – right from employment to recreation to education. The drive from Waldorf to DC is a little over a half-hour, even in traffic. You have access to the best transport and getting cars – whether new or pre-loved – is also easy for immigrants.

4. Waldorf and the entire St Charles County is very supportive of minority owned businesses

One of the best things about Waldorf and St Charles County is that its diversity extends to its commercial landscape as well. A large number of business owners are BIPOC or from other minority communities. You will find shopping here a wonderful experience.

St Charles County is also an incredible place to start your own business too. From fitness centers to hair salons or barbershops to AC and heating providers to car dealerships to hotels – the sky is the limit for you. The regulations are not complex, and the authorities are helpful and can advise you on how to get the business licenses you need.

5. The food is multi-cultural and suitable for every palate

Another aspect of Waldorf life that is positively impacted by its ethnic and racial diversity is food. There are multiple restaurants that specialize in cuisines from all over the world. The cafes and dessert shops have bread, cupcakes, and coffee from different places around the world.

You might not even miss your home-cooked meals after relocating to St Charles County in Maryland. There are indigenous grocery stores here too, where you can buy the ingredients you need to make your national dishes. And if you can’t find what you need, there is always that short drive down to DC.

6. Waldorf is one of the safer cities in Maryland

Maryland has a relatively lower crime rate than the US on average. In fact, there has been a decrease in property crime by 35% in Maryland, from its record high in 2010. Other forms of crime have been reduced in Maryland as well, according to sites like Safehome. Waldorf, being a small community close to DC, experiences the benefits of this reduction in crime, making it very safe to immigrate to.