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T’is the Season for Charles County to Give Back

Even during a pandemic, nonprofit organizations, schools and churches across Charles County are taking the opportunity to give back this holiday season.

This past Christmas, St Charles High School rallied volunteers made up from parents, community members and students to help build their annual “holiday baskets” for the less fortunate. These baskets are usually distributed throughout Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and the Spring. Baskets are filled with essential care items like toothbrushes, food, deodorant and more.

“It’s kind of sad to think that people don’t have the opportunity to get things like this. But then at the same time, it’s nice that a place like St. Charles does this for other people. I know it makes me feel like I’m helping other people,” said St. Charles High School Junior, Trinity Hanan.

General Smallwood Middle School is also taking the time to be a part of giving back. Students were excited to gather for the” breakfast Christmas baskets”. These baskets were created to give to families in need. The purpose of the items gathered were so less fortunate families could enjoy a nice breakfast on Christmas morning. The school requested that volunteers and staff bring non-perishable food items to put in the baskets. Students gathered to organize and decorate baskets with colorful paper and crafts before they were distributed to families in need.

“I think that it just offers a little extra spirit and encouragement to families that are struggling at this point, and it’s very fun to hand them out to people when they come to pick it up. It’s my favorite part of my job, honestly,” said Guidance Secretary Valerie Morris.

Local churches in the surrounding areas are finding ways to give back as well. In Touch Church of Waldorf, Maryland was happy to give to those in need this year. The church partnered with the non-profit agency, B.R.A.V.E 458  to donate to those in the community who were most in need. Through their partnership, they were able to bless families with food and household items.

Led by Pastors Michael and Verlene Harry, the church is grounded on their mission to touch people, meet needs, and effect change.

“It is very important for us to give back to the community because the greatest way to show the love of God is to care for his people,” Co-Pastor Verlene Harry of In Touch Church said, “The name of the church was not only named In Touch Church, to show how God stays connected to the church, but also how the church can stay “In touch” with the people in the community.”