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Community Contributors

Do you have a story to tell? Are you looking to share your voice? Waldorf Live welcomes Community Contributors.

Community Contributors are residents, leaders and citizens of Charles County who are interested in the economy, community and culture of Charles County.

We are looking for submissions on the following topics:

Send your pitch to nora@waldorflive.com, and please include:

You may also send your entire article of no more than 750 words, however, we do not guarantee publication of any submission. All submissions must be your original work. Photos and video submissions will be accepted by contributors if they have the rights to the submitted work.

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 All business-related posts or promotional posts will be considered “sponsored posts” or paid posts. Sponsored posts may be arranged on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis. For more details, view our media kit. 

Article Writing Guidelines

Every article should include the who, what, when, where and why.

Don’t bury the lead. The first sentence in your article should contain the most important information that sums up the entire article. This should be the main idea. If readers were only to read the first sentence of your article, they should immediately know what happened.

Get a quote. Find someone who is a decision-maker or who is affected by your topic of choice and interview them.

Interview Guidelines:

Requesting an Interview:

  1. Research how the person you would like to interview can help. 
  2. Find out how you can call, email or meet the person. 
  3. When you request a formal interview, introduce yourself by name and tell them that you are a journalist with Waldorf Live, a hyperlocal news site.
  4. Tell them what you are writing about in one sentence or less. 
  5. Tell them what you would like to interview them about. 
  6. Once they agree, and you are ready for the interview, begin asking your questions. 
  7. Record the interview on your phone or take notes. If you are taking notes, be sure to verify their quote by sending an email or by repeating it back to them before publishing the interview. 

Check your work! Your name will be next to your article, so ensure that it is something you are proud of. Be sure that your story flows in a logical manner. 

Writing should be checked for grammar and spelling. Use Grammarly Google Chrome extension to help you spell check and correct minor typos. There will be an editor, but the editor shouldn’t have to correct minor issues that you can catch such as punctuation, capitalization, etc.

Submission Guidelines

Use the font: Arial, 12 pt
Submit via Google Document – Here’s a guide to how to use Google Docs

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