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Haitian Families Cling to Hope In the Midst of Humanitarian Crisis

Mission of Hope provides 125,000 meals each day in Haiti.

At first glance, Vladinio Paul is a playful 11-year-old boy full of laughter and curiosity. However, Vladinio has nightmares about Haiti at night. Vladinio, a Haitian immigrant, came to Germantown, Md., on a visa a year ago and never returned.   “Until Haiti gets better, I want to stay here,” said the fifth-grader who was […]

Charles County May Be the Wealthiest, but Homelessness is Still Here

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Sandy Washington meticulously oversees the day-to-day operations of the largest nonprofit in southern Maryland as the chief executive officer of Lifestyles of Southern Maryland, helping people who are experiencing homelessness to discover a better quality of life.  “Homelessness is the state they’re in – it’s not who they are. If we start realizing these are […]

Black Women Are Choosing a Better Life over “Making a Living” Postpandemic

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“I had to completely stop working in September 2021. It felt like it was a cloud of grief over me, for that entire time, no matter what I did. The situations around me were fine, but I just couldn’t snap out of it,” said Kathryn Guzman-Russell, Development Operations Coordinator of the College of Southern Maryland. For […]

What Ever Happened to Boston Market?

Have you been wondering what happened to the Boston Market at the corner of 301 and Plaza Drive? The disappearance of Boston Market chain restaurants is nothing new. The company has launched endless efforts to save the restaurant chain since going public in the 90’s. However, with the emergence of grocery store rotisserie chickens and […]